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When looking for Tradesmen in Ashburton, people often turn to Around Ashburton and our local business directory.

Our listings include advertisers covering all manner of trades, from small repairs to major construction jobs.

  • Builders in Ashburton
  • Landscape gardeners in Ashburton
  • Plumbers in Ashburton
  • Gas fitters in Ashburton
  • Central heating engineers in Ashburton
  • Boiler repair in Ashburton
  • Carpet fitters in Ashburton
  • Bathroom/kitchen fitters in Ashburton
  • Electricians in Ashburton
  • Plasterers in Ashburton
  • Carpenters in Ashburton
  • Interior designers in Ashburton
  • Cleaners in Ashburton
  • Removal companies in Ashburton
  • Drainage specialists in Ashburton
  • Locksmiths in Ashburton
  • Roofers in Ashburton
  • Upholsterers in Ashburton
  • Jewellers in Ashburton
  • Taxi drivers in Ashburton

And many more besides. Some tradesmen listed are based in the surrounding towns and villages but cover Ashburton and further afield.

How to choose tradesmen in Ashburton

Many people don’t know what to ask when it comes to making sure you are selecting the right tradesmen. Good Housekeeping suggests four things to do when shortlisting tradesmen in Ashburton for your job.

  1. Get at least three quotes with a fixed price, and clarify the position on VAT.
  2. Use a written contract to get an agreement on cost, as well as issues such as timescale, materials and clearing up.
  3. Make sure the tradesman has insurance, and check for warranties and guarantees.
  4. Agree a payment schedule, and release payments based on targets for specific deadlines being met.

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Whether you need help for a complicated job or are just looking for a quick fix, guides like Around Ashburton are the best way to find and choose the ideal tradesmen in Ashburton. Our free bi-monthly business directory includes many of the best tradesmen in Ashburton and surrounding villages. Our directory includes listings, editorials, community information, puzzles, recipes, etc. with regular columnists in every issue.

If you live outside our distribution area, or are visiting the town, printed copies of Around Ashburton can be picked up from the first of the month from Ashburton Post Office or Ashburton Information Centre.


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