What is it?

Around Ashburton is an independent local business directory designed to promote local businesses to local people and visitors. There are 6 editions a year ensuring it is always up-to-date.

The bi-monthly directory gives businesses regular opportunities to promote their services and raise their profiles within your community.

Our focused distribution, established reputation and competitive pricing means you can reach your customers cheaply and effectively.

What does it look like?

Around Ashburton is an A5 magazine, professionally finished and printed in full colour on 115gsm glossy paper ensuring a high quality publication.

How is it distributed?

Each issue is delivered by a wonderful team of volunteers who ensure the directory is distributed by the 1st of the month to Ashburton residents.

Further copies of Around Ashburton are available from selected business outlets in surrounding towns and villages. Printed copies can be picked up from the first of the month, from Ashburton Post Office and Ashburton Information Centre.

Supporting the local community

We take pride in supporting our community by including free listings of community events. We publish updates from clubs and organisations in our area and include articles of local interest. We also publish news and views from local residents and each issue includes some of our regular columnists.

What our readers say about us

I always have a copy of Around Ashburton stashed away- it’s my first ‘go to’ to source a local trader or service, as well as being a great source of local information about what’s going on in town.
Ellie Ricketts, Ashburton resident

Keep up the good work. You are doing an excellent job with the directory, there’s always a fight in our house as to who gets to read it first!
Dennis Turner, Ashburton resident

I always pick up a copy of Around Ashburton from one of the shops in town. The magazine is so useful with all the adverts – when I need a tradesman or other service I know just where to look.
Sarah Bowen, Buckfastleigh resident

I love receiving my copy of Around Ashburton, it’s an excuse to make a cup of tea and sit down for a good read. I have used many of the tradesmen who advertise and have never been disappointed, it is always fantastic to use the wealth of local talent in Ashburton. Hurrah for ‘Around Ashburton’!
Camilla McHugh, Ashburton resident

We have a copy near the phone as most local numbers, as well as up and coming dates for local events, are all within its pages. I’m sure it’s the envy of other towns! Well done and keep up the good work!
Anna Dunscombe, Ashburton resident

Every month I really look forward to Around Ashburton plopping through the letterbox. I don’t get out of my house often any more and so the news from the ‘outside world’ is really welcome.
Violet King, Ashburton resident

Around Ashburton is a great little magazine for the town and surrounding areas. I make sure I have the latest edition for my guests so they have a snapshot of what’s available in town. 
Adrian Webster, No 44 Bed & Breakfast www.ashburtonbandb.co.uk